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Seed to Peak Capital is about investing in profitable but sustainable projects.
We provide different kinds of investment related services.

The countries we have made investments in are:
Germany, The Netherlands, Benelux, Austria, France, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The Main focus of our Investments are located in the Stuttgart-Region in Germany.

Our Clients are from all over the world and usually seak for optimized investment opportunities (Full-Service).

We do this quietly but effectively. Our resources are focused on 4 main areas:

Education / Training
IT / Digitalization
Real Estate / Land
Global Trade / International Business

After checking the market, we provide management and consulting of the invested projects insuring a strong return on investment.

Seed to Peak is based in Stuttgart but active in Europe and China.

Seed to Peak focuces on connecting matching people and providing solutions for an optimized investment structure.


We select Companies, optimize their working structure through strengthening their management and manage the portfolio of the investment Funds.


We connect matching exclusive Personalities, find Investment and Business Opportunities on both sides of the world and promote common interests.


More & more wealthy Parents are investing in the future of their children by providing them with high-standard education in Germany or Switzerland.

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We provide tax and burocratic-optimized investment structure. Choosing the right Country to set up the Fund concludes in the setup of an umbrella-fund providing investments through Sub-funds in both Europe and Switzerland.


We invest in Education. In a world with more and more People, the demand for Excellent Education is rising. We invest in excellent, modern and effective learning solutions. Ask us about our Education projects, where the portfolio reaches from the setup of a Language Learning Center, the setup of a private University or the setup of apprenticeship-centers.


We invest in promising IT and Digitalization Solutions. We believe that every company must optimize their digitalization process and the opportunities on that market are growing fast. Automatization, Big Data, Internet of Things are the main investement areas we found during the last months.


We focus on investments in the city center of strong cities. Usually the Investment is part of a bigger investment (umbrella Fund) including a more secure approach through a sub-fund investing in related retail and land, for example in an industrial area, a port like Hamburg or in the city center of a major city.


We strongly believe that Marketing and Sales are more and more based on online technologies. Each of the companies we are invested in need strong Online Marketing and Sales this is why we invested in a very successful consulting company in that area to improve the effectiveness of our portfolio companies.

Task: Buy from insolvency

Volume: approx. EUR 27 Mio.

Solution: International Strategic Investor acquired as part of a global bidding process - internationalization of Sales - recruitment of Top Management Task Team, optimization of financial structure and digitalization or key Processes in Sales & Finances
Task: Investment in Startup and strengheting of the financial and management structure.

Volume: approx. EUR 12 Mio. in 2 steps

- Negociation with main shareholders and acquisition
- Negociation with banks and governmental institutions to double the investment sum of EUR 6 Mio.
- Investment of the Asian Partner: 6. Mio Eur. Investment from the Region: 6 Mio. Eur for 4,5% interest rate.
Task: Investing in real estate, re-arranging the internal design in order to optimize co-living of different single parties (students and working population) - finding the right person to rent the rooms.

Volume: approx. EUR 2 Mio.

Solution: Bought 8 apartments - in exclusive location. Investment now generates Yearly Revenues of approx. EUR 400T.

Task: Financing acquisition from insolvency

Volume: approx. EUR 23 Mio.

Solution: restructured the debts and digitylized finance processes incl. implementing factoring
Task: Acquisition & Management - M&A optimization.

Volume: EUR 7,5 Mio.

Solution: Negotiation and bidding process. Management of the acquisition and operations incl. transfer of equity to the investors from Asia.
Task: Organizing subordinated loans as part of a global finance project

Volume: approx. EUR 18 Mio.

Solution: qualification of international investors & process management
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