Task: Buy from insolvency

Volume: approx. EUR 27 Mio.

Solution: International Strategic Investor acquired as part of a global bidding process - internationalization of Sales - recruitment of Top Management Task Team, optimization of financial structure and digitalization or key Processes in Sales & Finances
Task: Investment in Startup and strengheting of the financial and management structure.

Volume: approx. EUR 12 Mio. in 2 steps

- Negociation with main shareholders and acquisition
- Negociation with banks and governmental institutions to double the investment sum of EUR 6 Mio.
- Investment of the Asian Partner: 6. Mio Eur. Investment from the Region: 6 Mio. Eur for 4,5% interest rate.
Task: Investing in real estate, re-arranging the internal design in order to optimize co-living of different single parties (students and working population) - finding the right person to rent the rooms.

Volume: approx. EUR 2 Mio.

Solution: Bought 8 apartments - in exclusive location. Investment now generates Yearly Revenues of approx. EUR 400T.

Task: Financing acquisition from insolvency

Volume: approx. EUR 23 Mio.

Solution: restructured the debts and digitylized finance processes incl. implementing factoring
Task: Acquisition & Management - M&A optimization.

Volume: EUR 7,5 Mio.

Solution: Negotiation and bidding process. Management of the acquisition and operations incl. transfer of equity to the investors from Asia.
Task: Organizing subordinated loans as part of a global finance project

Volume: approx. EUR 18 Mio.

Solution: qualification of international investors & process management